Belimo Motor Actuator (AFBUP)

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Product Overview

Belimo AFBUP Damper Actuator

The Belimo AFBUP is a fail-safe actuator for controlling dampers in commercial HVAC systems.

This actuator provides reliable on/off control to ensure smooth and efficient operation. It operates on various voltages, from AC 24...240 V to DC 24...125 V, making it highly versatile.

The AFBUP also delivers a high torque of 180 in-lb [20 Nm], making it suitable for heavy-duty applications. It even features a manual override with a supplied hex crank.

You can mount it directly with a universal clamp, ensuring easy and quick installation.


  • Torque: 180 in-lb [20 Nm].
  • Voltage: AC 24...240 V / DC 24...125 V.
  • Control Type: On/Off.
  • Power Consumption (Running): 7 W.
  • Power Consumption (Holding): 3.5 W.
  • Power Consumption for Wire Sizing: 18 VA.
  • Direction of Motion: Selectable by CCW/CW mounting.
  • Direction of Rotation (Fail-Safe): Reversible with CW/CCW mounting.
  • Manual Override: supplied 5 mm hex crank (3/16" Allen).
  • Angle of Rotation: 95°.
  • Running Time (Motor): 75 seconds per 90° turn.
  • Running Time (Fail-Safe): Less than 20 seconds.
  • Protection: IP54 and NEMA 2 rated.
  • Ambient Temperature Range: -22...122°F [-30...50°C]



(No reviews yet) Write a Review