Krueger Hot Water Coil 2 Row 12" x 10" (00-20021-02)

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Hot Water Coil, 2 Row, 00-20021-02
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Product Overview

12" x 10" Krueger Hot Water Coil - 2 Row

The Krueger LMHS Hot Water Coil is a 2-row coil designed for efficient heat transfer within single duct terminal units.

The LMHS model provides optimal heating solutions by facilitating heat exchange from hot water to the air moving through the HVAC system.

Its tailored construction and features ensure durability, efficiency, and ease of integration into various heating applications.


  • Rows: 2
  • Dimensions: 12" w x 10" h
  • Water Connection: 1/2"
  • Coil Fins: 0.0045" aluminum fins, spaced at 10 fins per inch.
  • Coil Tubing: 1/2" diameter x 0.016" thick copper, ensuring durability and efficient heat transfer.
  • Coil Casing: 20 Ga. galvanized steel offers robustness and resistance to corrosion.

View: Krueger tech sheet


(No reviews yet) Write a Review