Metropolitan Air Damper (RT150)

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RT-150 Cable Operated Damper
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Product Overview

Metropolitan Air RT150 Damper 

This damper allows for adjustment through the face of a diffuser or grille or from a small access point. The dampers are easily adjusted using a nut driver or flat head screwdriver.


  • 6"
  • Cable operated
  • Galvanized steel
  • Direct cable to damper connection. Damper is adjusted via rotary cable actuation using a nut driver or flat head screwdriver.
  • Cable is routed inside the ductwork and terminated at the diffuser face.
  • No wall or ceiling penetrations are required.
  • Airflow balancing and damper adjustment is performed at the face of the diffuser. After balancing is complete, the cable is recessed behind the diffuser.
  • Compatible with Titus, Kruegar and Tuttle & Bailey slot plenums

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review